My Guitar Crafting Process

At Marley Guitar in Dacusville, South Carolina, my instruments are products of artistry and skill as well as dedication and hard work. Your guitar will be made to fit your desires. After an initial consultation, and before I get to work, we'll have a lengthy conversation. I'll ask you some specific questions, all centered around learning what you want . . . such as . . .

What Is Your Playing Style? 

  • Bluegrass
  • Classical
  • Fingerstyle
  • Rock & Roll
  • Other . . .

What Sound Are You Looking For?

  • Bright and Loud
  • Mellow and Soft
  • Something in between

Other preferences

Full body or cut-away?

Short or long scale?

12th or 14th fret?

Ebony or Rosewood fret board?

Simple or ornate?


Personalization? I recommend your initials inlayed at the 15th fret. It's a nice touch!

And so forth . . .

You get the idea . . . custom made to your desires.

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